Variable naming for different versions of SMOSΒΆ

This is a full list of all available variables in each image. These parameters can be passed to the repurpose routine to create time series.

  • L3 SMOS IC
Parameter Long Name Units
Days Number of Days since 1/1/2000  
Processing_Flags Processing Flags  
Quality_Flag 0: data OK, 1: data not recommended, 2: missing data  
RMSE RMSE TBmeas. TB modeled  
Scene_Flags Scene Flags  
Soil_Moisture Soil Moisture m 3 m -3
Soil_Moisture_StdError Soil Moisture standard error m 3 m -3
Soil_Temperature_Level1 ECMWF Soil Temperature at surface level 1 Kelvin
UTC_Microseconds Microseconds micros.
UTC_Seconds Number of Seconds s